Good morning, my name is Anton Hopen with the law firm of Smith and Hopen, and it is Tuesday, September 28th, 2021, and that means it is a Patent Grant Tuesday, we have five patents. The first one is for the University of South Florida.

Electroporation Patent

This relates to the introduction of small molecules through the cell membrane in a eukaryotic cell. This is done through electrical impulses. And in this case, slight elevation and heat. And what has happened is the researchers have found they were is as far as increasing the heat resulted in an eight fold increase in the expression of molecules that they were able to introduce. They also discovered that they had a six to 15 fold increase when they changed the pulse based on the impedance of the cell tissue as well. So this is very important as far as being able to introduce things like therapies and vaccines through the cell membrane, as well as therapeutics like small molecule antibodies as well.

Supercapacitor Patent

The second one that we’re going to talk about is, again, through the University of South Florida. This is relates to supercapacitors which provide on-demand energy to small electronics, solar or wind farms, and hybrid vehicles. And the USF researchers have been able to actually improve the design and improve the way it is manufactured to provide these supercapacitors at a lower cost, but higher performance.

5G Networking Patent

The third one, again, through the University of South Florida relates to the use of 5G pathways, communication pathways, and by using regressive analysis to improve how these networks can be used more efficiently of lower latency and higher bandwidth.

Patent on Schizophrenia Treatment

The fourth patent we’re going to go through is from our friends in Tallahassee, Florida A&M University. Twenty million people suffer from schizophrenia throughout the world. We do have therapeutics, but the problem is many of these have side effects. These side effects include significant weight gain, Type II Diabetes. So we don’t want to treat one thing and create another disease as well. So they’ve developed a synthetic formulation for treating schizophrenia. And in this way, they’ve reduced or eliminated the side effects normally existing with current therapies.

Cellular Tower Upgrade Patent

The final one is from Sarasota. This is USA Intellectual Property Holdings, Ken Goff. There are 154,000 cell towers in the United States. They need constant upgrade and maintenance. Traditionally, you’ve had assigned a technician on site because of some security restrictions with some of the software that is used. Ken Goff’s team has found a way to do remote administration of this, saving millions of dollars in technician time and also reducing the downtime that some of these networks have to suffer. So these are incredible… very valuable improvements.

Just five of the patents that have issued out of the 92 patents that Smith and Hopen and has granted year to date. We’re very proud of our team and all the hard work. And, of course, we’re most proud of our clients who are doing incredible innovations and improving the state of the art in generating value for their companies as well. So until next Patent Grant Tuesday from everyone here at Smith and Hopen and have a great day.

Anton Hopen

U.S. Patent Attorney with