The TTAB is the appeal and trial arm for trademarks at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). The TTAB hears and decides adversary proceedings between two parties, namely, oppositions (party opposes a mark after publication in the Official Gazette ) and cancellations (party seeks to cancel an existing registration).  Smith & Hopen has substantial experience before the TTAB in both Petitions to Cancel and Oppositions to published applications. 

The TTAB also handles interference and concurrent use proceedings, as well as appeals of final refusals issued by USPTO Trademark Examining Attorneys within the course of the prosecution of trademark applications. As of June 2015, the Chief Administrative Trademark Judge is Gerard F. Rogers.

Use TTABVUE to view a TTAB proceeding file by entering the proceeding number, or search for proceedings by application number, registration number, mark, party, correspondent.  Links: