• Made in China, Stayed in China: A New Trademark Scheme

    U.S. companies are falling victim to a new trademark scheme in China. Chinese counterfeiters now have a new approach to appropriating foreign brands. Read full article

  • National Security Patents

    As we honor our military’s fallen today, I think about some of the work we do for national security. Maybe one of the most interesting patents that came out of Smith & Hopen, PA was Ron’s for the F22 Raptor (US Pat. 4836030) filed on behalf of Lockheed Martin. The F-22 Raptor is an American single-seat, twin-engine, all-weather stealth tactical fighter … Read full article

  • The Venture Capitalist “Make-or-Break”: Freedom to Operate (FTO)

    Five Musts for Startups: (1) Know competition’s IP; (2) Establish clear title to your IP; (3) Get the right license; (4) Clear your branding/trademarks; and (5) Vet your hiring practices Read full article

  • Florida Inventors’ Hall of Fame

    Wonderful Friday night in Tampa at the Florida Inventors’ Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Amazing to have so much of my family there (Tye, Anna, Lisa, Lea and Andrew). Grateful to see our longtime friend Israel Morejon inducted that night. Also loved USF President Rhea Law honoring Anna Hendrix for her prolific patent count at such a young age for Guardianmedtech, LLC. Paul Sanberg did a wonderful job as always and Dr. Norma Alcantar gave a particularly beautiful acceptance speech. Read full article

  • Trademark Modernization Act Proceedings

    Two proceedings under the Trademark Modernization Act became actionable today, December 27, 2021. This is first day in the history of the United States trademark law to file for expungement or reexamination. The purpose of this is to attack the registration validity. Specifically, somebody falsely or incorrectly claims non-existent use of a product or service … Read full article

  • Patent Grants December 2021

    December 21, 2021 welcomed three new patent grants to Smith & Hopen clients. The University of South Florida (Tampa, Florida) secured U.S. Patent 11,202,604 today, for a system to assess pediatric and neonatal pain. On average, infants receiving care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) experience fourteen painful procedures per day. Newborn children have … Read full article

  • New Patent Grants

    December 14, 2021 welcomed new patent grants to Smith & Hopen clients.  University of South Florida The University of South Florida (Tampa, Florida) secured U.S. Patent 11,198,842 on December 14, 2021, for a blood-brain barrier model. The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a highly selective, semipermeable barrier that separates circulating blood from the brain and extracellular … Read full article

  • Florida Polytechnic Receives First Patent

    DECEMBER 7, 2021:  Florida Polytechnic University (Florida Poly) is the newest of the 12 public universities in Florida and received its first patent today. It is Florida’s only public university focusing solely on STEM education. It opened for classes in 2014 and collaborates with public and private partners including Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Mosaic, Cisco and … Read full article