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One of the most important assets a company or institution can hold is patent protection for their innovative technologies. Patent filings are time sensitive, and our team works with inventors to ensure all opportunities for potential filings are timely captured.

Life Science Requires Expertise

Patent matters, particularly those in the biotech space, are complex and require attorneys having specialized knowledge and expertise. We understand the complexities of obtaining patent protection on Life Science inventions. Biotechnology, is continuously evolving in response to ever changing research and development. Consequently, the Life Sciences team at Smith & Hopen can easily adapt to the rapidly changing Life Science landscape and capture value for our clients. We effectively assist our clients in obtaining patent protection for their technologies as well as delivering opinions on patentability and intellectual property strategy. In fact, our quantitative record of success is among the top of any national firm.

Biotechnology Background

Given the highly specialized nature of Life Science inventions, particularly biotechnology, a sophisticated scientific background is required. Most of our team holds an advanced degree in a Life Sciences field and have been practicing biotech patent law for over a decade. We provide a valuable combination of research experience as well as academic background that allows us to understand the science and complexities behind our client’s technologies. Our team relies on this relevant experience and academic background to expertly counsel our clients on protecting their technologies.

Exemplary Patent Grants

Our practice spans a large range of disciplines. Below is a small fraction of the nearly two thousand patents granted through Smith & Hopen:

Pharmaceutical Patents

11,090,394 Modified nanodelivery system and method for enhanced in vivo medical and preclinical imaging
10,588,860 Poly(vinyl benzoate) nanoparticles for molecular delivery
10,493,164 Method for preventing and treating adhesions
10,493,034 Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of HIV infection
10,172,952 Compounds for adhesion treatment and prevention, compound-related pharmaceutical compositions and methods for the prevention and treatment of adhesions
9,968,557 Method of preparing modified multilayered microstructures with enhanced oral bioavailability
9,867,827 Methods and formulations for topical treatment of psoriasis
9,750,727 Tuberculosis drug based on 4-thioureido-iminomethylpyridinium perchlorate: method of preparation and treatment
9,433,581 Poly(vinyl benzoate) nanoparticles for molecular delivery
8,865,206 Surface modified multilayered nanostructures for dermal delivery
8,647,661 Surface modified multilayered nanostructures for dermal delivery
7,563,473 Quinoa protein concentrate, production and functionality

Large and Small Molecule Patents

11,123,554 Targeted delivery of molecules using impedance-based monitoring
11,110,183 Method of delivering genes and drugs to a posterior segment of an eye
10,196,612 Characterizing and manipulating adipose cell depots
9,616,051 Drug targets to overcome de novo drug-resistance in multiple myeloma
9,045,434 Treatment for myocilin glaucoma by selectively inhibiting GRP94
8,623,854 Nuclear export inhibitors of topoisomerase II alpha
8,467,868 Method of transdermal drug delivery
8,466,157 Proteasome inhibitors having chymotrypsin-like activity

Vaccine Patents

11,123,554 Targeted delivery of molecules using impedance-based monitoring at elevated temperatures
10,463,747 Method of developing a vaccine using peptide-poly IC complexes
9,770,513 Method of developing a vaccine using peptide-poly IC complexes


10,627,413 Primary xenograft mouse model for cancer serum biomarker discovery
10,488,416 Stromal subtypes and CD146 composition
8,352,194 Method to identify cancer fusion genes
8,257,919 Micro-RNA profiles associated with endometrial cancer development

Nanoparticle Patents

11,135,176 Formulations of topical ibuprofen SLN gel using HME technique
11,110,183 Method of delivering drugs to a posterior segment of an eye
10,765,755 Methylene blue nanoparticles for Alzheimer’s disease and other tauopathies
10,588,860 Poly(vinyl benzoate) nanoparticles for molecular delivery
10,172,867 Afobazole nanoparticles formulation for enhanced therapeutics
9,433,581 Poly(vinyl benzoate) nanoparticles for molecular delivery
8,906,414 Methods and compositions for improving bioavailability of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)
7,371,738 Method of transdermal drug delivery using hyaluronic acid nanoparticles

Medical Imaging Patents

10,959,687 Imaging table-to-head frame adapter
10,013,797 Analysis-suitable geometry from discrete point sets using a mesh-free method
9,691,167 Software for performing data processing, image reconstruction and interpretation
8,908,089 Implantable imaging device
7,430,308 Computer aided diagnosis of mammographic microcalcification clusters
7,379,605 Medical imaging data and content for wireless transmission and remote viewing

Medical Device Patents

11,185,261 System and method for non-invasive blood glucose monitoring
11,152,093 Medication adherence method and apparatus
11,083,425 Wheel alignment guide for medical equipment and method of use
10,854,098 Adaptive visual overlay wound simulation
10,803,761 Multisensory wound simulation
10,076,229 Endoscopic overtube
9,962,112 Medical systems and methods of use
9,536,448 Device and method for displaying pediatric medical instructions
8,908,089 Implantable imaging device
7,001,410 Bioabsorbable sealant

Our Life Sciences team is experienced in obtaining meaningful patent protection for Life Sciences technologies across a wide range of health care areas. We have successfully drafted and prosecuted hundreds of Life Science patent applications. Furthermore, we have experience navigating obtaining international patent protection for Life Science technologies. Therefore, we not only understand the science behind our client’s products and methods, but also appreciate and are able to capture nuances that less experienced attorneys may overlook.

Our Clients in the Biotechnology Space

We represent both private and public institutions engaged in research and development in the fields of Our clients are involved in all areas of health care including neurology, cardiology, oncology, immunology, orthopedics, infectious diseases, virology, urology, audiology, ophthalmology, gynecology, and gastroenterology. We represent clients ranging from start-up biotech companies to large research institutions. Consequently, our clients are on the leading edge of Life Science innovation. Our clients include:

Biotech Private Clients

  • Sedation Systems, LLC
  • MED-Genesis, LLC
  • Florida Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, P.A.
  • Sciteck, Inc.
  • Eastern Vision Limited
  • SonicSurg Innovations, LLC
  • Bioquate Incorporated
  • Stratford Pharmaceuticals, LLC
  • iTomography Corp.
  • U.S. Orthotics, Inc.
  • EN Rx Chemical, Inc.

Representative Institutional Clients

  • Florida Polytechnic University
  • Moffitt Cancer Center
  • University of Colorado
  • The University of Central Florida
  • University of South Florida
  • Florida A&M University
  • Florida Gulf Coast University
  • University of North Florida

In conclusion, we welcome the opportunity to provide you with more detailed information about our practice and how our firm can work with you to protect your valuable Life Science technology.