DECEMBER 7, 2021:  Florida Polytechnic University (Florida Poly) is the newest of the 12 public universities in Florida and received its first patent today. It is Florida’s only public university focusing solely on STEM education. It opened for classes in 2014 and collaborates with public and private partners including Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Mosaic, Cisco and Harris Corporation.

Florida Polytechnic Receives First Patent

Florida Poly was awarded its first patent grant as an institution.  U.S. Patent 11,192,805 issued December 7, 2021 for a wastewater remediation system.  Water that percolates through landfills (called leachate) may contaminate groundwater systems.  Florida Poly researchers developed a combined treatment of chemical oxidation and photocatalysis. The technology efficiently treats leachate to be free of organic contaminants, thereby diminishing the hazardous effects of leachate on the environment.

Sesha Srinivasan was the lead inventor for Florida Poly.  Addition inventors included Scott Wallen and Jephte Douyon.  Attorney Paul Murty prosecuted the patent on behalf of Smith & Hopen before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Congratulations to Florida Polytech for this wonderful achievement and contribution to improving our environment. 

Anton Hopen

U.S. Patent Attorney with