Patents granted October 19, 2021

Good morning, my name is Anton Hopen with the law firm of Smith and Hopen, and it is Tuesday, October 19th, 2021. And that means that it is patent grant Tuesday.

Florida A&M University – better topical anesthetics.

The first patent to talk about is by Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. This is a improvement in topical anesthetics, namely using ibuprofen in a lipid nanoparticle gel. And what it is able to do is actually produce this product that is consistent, stable, has great delivery and for a fraction of the cost from prior methods.

hot melt extrusion to produce solid lipid nanoparticles
FAMU’s hot melt extrusion to produce solid lipid nanoparticles.

Zuum Unlimited – advancing gaming technology.

The next one is by Zuum Limited. This is advancing gamine technology. The gaming industry, particularly for table devices is one point eight billion dollars a year. And due to COVID 19, live gaming has kind of been more questionable. So there’s been a greater demand for this. The technology that Zuum was able to put together produces a more engaging experience for the user, and it also is able to generate greater revenues for the owners as well.

Automated gaming tables by Zuum Limited.
Automated gaming tables by Zuum Limited.

University of Central Florida – improving pedestrian experiences.

The third one is to the University of Central Florida autonomous vehicles, sometimes creating anxiety from loss of control, not just from the passengers, but from the pedestrians outside. By 2023, this market is expected to be worth over one point two trillion dollars. And UCF researchers were able to develop a system that not only detects pedestrians and locates their position relative to the vehicle, but also visually conveys an acknowledgment that that pedestrian will know the vehicle knows where they are as well.

UCF's automated system controller to reduce pedestrian anxiety for self-driving vehicles.
UCF’s automated system controller to reduce pedestrian anxiety for self-driving vehicles.

Guardian Med Tech, LLC. – advanced medication adherence systems.

So finally, our fourth patent to talk about is by Guardian MedTech. This is an advanced medication adherence systems of just the market in losses each year from nonadherence to medication is thought to be over 500 billion dollars a year. So Guardian MedTech has developed certain systems, both server and mobile, that are able to improve medication adherence not just for chronic illnesses, but also optimized for clinical trials and studies as well. So those are the four patents to talk about this morning.

We want to congratulate our clients and also our wonderful team here at Smith and hope and for getting this, we are at 97 patents year to date for 2021. And until next, patent grant Tuesday. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Anton Hopen

U.S. Patent Attorney with