Good morning, my name is Anton Hopen with the law firm of Smith and Hopen. It is Tuesday, November second, 2021, and that means it is a Patent Grant Tuesday. Five new patents to talk about.

Five new patents granted to Smith & Hopen PA clients.


The first one is through Med Genesis. This is for typically biopsy technology, where you have to seal the open wound and improves the recovery and the experience for the patient.

University of Central Florida

The next one is to the University of Central Florida. This is a technology that actually improves the texture output of 3D printed additive manufacturing technology.

University of South Florida

The third one is from the University of South Florida. This is a system that helps detect slipping prosthetics from amputees and helps improve the fit and, of course, the quality of life for those individuals.

Adam Creed Hill

The next one is through Adam Creed Hill. This is a sports performance technology that improves athletic training.

University of South Florida

Our last one today is for the University of South Florida, and this is decontaminating wastewater that brings our total for this year to 101 issued patents through the law firm of Smith and Hopen. And we certainly thank our incredibly innovative clients and our wonderful staff here to make this possible until next Tuesday from everyone here at Smith and Hopen and have a great day.

Anton Hopen

U.S. Patent Attorney with