Why some patents are so much longer than others.


Good morning, my name is Anton, Hopen with the law firm of Smith and Hopen, it is September 17th, 2021. We’re here today to talk a little bit about disclosure and what is necessary to get a meaningful, valid patent disclosure of how to perform.

The invention must be in sufficient detail to enable one of ordinary skill in the art, to reproduce the invention without undue experimentation. The average length of a patent that you’re going to see in an industrialized country is around 22 pages.

So just one of them that have come in through Smith and Hopen in this week is about 22 pages. And you can see the length of that. However, that related to a physical object, which was traditional Newtonian engineering.

When you get into life sciences such as Covid vaccines, antitumor agents and things like that, they’re in what’s called the unpredictable arts. Life sciences require more evidence, more quantitative showing of efficacy. So the University of North Florida, understandably, in their patent application, we submitted 323 pages of drawings and specification to support claims for compound of an antitumor agent.

So in comparison to a traditional mechanical patent application and granted patent, this is the relative size of something in the life sciences. So you can see based on the type of technology your disclosure may be of relative length.

This is not the largest of patent grant that was ever done. So if you look at this at 323 pages, the the world record for this is Micron, Micron Technologies. A decade or so ago got granted a patent on pseudo random number generator that was three thousand three hundred thirty three pages.

So approximately 10 times the size of this one from the University of North Florida. Regardless, any meaningful patent has to be completely supported. The claims define what the patent covers. But the specification must be that blueprint, that instruction on how to make it without undue experimentation from everyone here at Smith and Hopen

And we hope you had a great week. Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll talk to you soon. Thank you.

Anton Hopen

U.S. Patent Attorney with smithhopen.com.