This morning Steven Forte, an attorney with Smith & Hopen, made a guest appearance on the My Amazon Guy Podcast. Benefiting the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Mr. Forte spoke about the importance of registering your intellectual property with Amazon. The My Amazon Guy podcase is hosted by Steven Pope, an Amazon Seller Central Expert. Mr. Pope has helped over 300 brands improve traffic and conversion on their products. In addition, Mr. Forte’s appearance is the continuation of Smith & Hopen’s charitable event series, where Mr. Forte presented a Florida CLE course discussing Trademark Basics and Common Pitfalls.

Attorney Steven Forte Appears on The Amazon Guy

What is Amazon’s Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is a valuable tool that helps to prevent infringement of your valuable brand on Amazon. Enrolling your registered trademark in Amazon Brand Registry grants the trademark holder several critical benefits. The most crucial being that enrollment allows trademark holders to report infringing Amazon listings that violate your trademark rights. By enrolling, you gain access to Amazon’s online portal that allows you to easily report violators.  In addition, enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry gives you access to Amazon’s search and reporting tools. These tools are a powerful way to quickly identify potentially infringing listing and seamlessly report them to Amazon.

Amazon Project Zero

In addition, as a member of the Amazon Brand Registry, you can be selected to be a member of the exclusive Amazon Project Zero. Once selected, Project Zero gives a trademark holder the power to take down infringing content without having to report it to Amazon first. Because of the power that membership in Amazon Project Zero affords trademark holders, you must have a solid history of accurately reporting infringing content. In particular, Amazon requires trademark holders to have at least a 90% verified infringing rate for at least six months. Thus, it is critical that you correctly report infringing content if you want to have a chance of gaining access to this exclusive and powerful tool.

What is Amazon’s Neutral Patent Evaluation?  

Lastly, Amazon Neutral Patent Evaluation is an extremely effective and efficient tool to fight patent infringement on Amazon. Thus, if you are the holder of a granted patent, you can take down patent infringers for violating just a single claim. Amazon Neutral Patent Evaluation is a cost-effective way to enforce your patent rights on Amazon. While we recommend that you contact an experienced patent attorney, fighting patent infringement with the Amazon Neutral Patent Evaluation program is significantly more cost-effective and quicker than traditional patent infringement remedies.