Apple's Group Selfie Patent
A Figure From Apple’s Selfie Software Patent

While no one could have predicted the coronavirus, Apple’s new patent takes a synthetic spin on the traditional group selfie. In 2018, Apple filed a patent for “Generating Synthetic Group Selfies.” The patent focuses on reducing or eliminating the hassle of organizing and arranging people to take that perfect selfie. Instead, Apple’s patent provides for a way to take a group selfie, while remaining socially distant. In particular, the patent processes the individual selfies and removes the background behind the individual. The software then automatically and intelligently combines the individual selfies into one cohesive selfie. The new “group” selfie can then easily be shared with the group via airdrop or other remote photo sharing methods.

“[T]he synthetic group selfie can be a composition of still images, stored video images, or live streaming video images. The computing device can automatically arrange the individual selfies into the synthetic group selfie. The synthetic group selfie can be stored as a multi-resource object that preserves the individual selfie images so that the user who created the synthetic group selfie or a recipient of the synthetic group selfie can modify the arrangement of the individual selfies within the synthetic group selfie.”

Excerpt From Apple’s Selfie Software Patent

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC) later this month has gone virtual. Given the current and unfortunate state of world events, it will be interesting to see if this new selfie software technology makes its way to the main stage. In view of the coronavirus and its social distancing requirements, this year’s WDC would be a perfect time to showcase this new technology. However, like many patents granted to Apple each year, there is no way to tell if Apple is planning to incorporate the selfie software into its devices anytime soon.