There is a lot of anxiety and fear about our personal safety and the state of the economy with COVID-19 but staying positive is crucial. No one wants to be in this situation. However, we do want to share some successes and appreciation for our clients that continue to innovate through this time. For example, today we received seven (7) new U.S. patent grants and three (3) new federal trademark registrations. Those clients include:

  • Syniverse Technologies;
  • University of Central Florida;
  • University of Colorado;
  • EN RX Chemical; and
  • University of South Florida

Luckily, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has over 20-years experience supporting working from home. Moreover, patent examination is not really a collaborative process. It only made sense for the USPTO to save money on office overhead and provide a better quality of life for its employees and families. For example, we had several patent examiner interviews today through Microsoft Teams teleconferencing system. Thus, the intellectual property infrastructure of the United States appears relatively unaffected by COVID-19, one aspect to appreciate in staying positive.

Hoping for the best

Nevertheless, make no mistake, our hearts go out to those suffering, particularly in the service industries. We need solutions. For those developing new technologies for disinfection, ventilation and anything related to the mitigation of COVID-19 on health and/or the economic prosperity of our global economy we are here to assist you. We are waving all consultation fees for those that might have technical solutions. Furthermore, Smith & Hopen will accommodate the financial constraints of those inventors if it will help bring meaningful relief to others.

For those that remember 9-11, we’ve gone through a crisis before. Consequently, the choice is up to every individual to find opportunity in the face of difficulty. There is no malice to COVID-19. By some definitions, a virus is not a living organism. Diseases are most often treatable, curable and preventable. Let’s work together and fix this.

Anton Hopen

U.S. Patent Attorney with