Enjoyed meeting our new USF President, Dr. Steven Currall and attending his presentation on organized innovation. Dr. Currall broke up the innovation process into four stages and highlighted how and when stakeholders get involved in the process. For example, government may be highly involved in the initial funding of the basic research. However, government may later engage in the process with small business grants once the product is in the commercialization phase.

Dr. Steven Currall speaks on Organized Innovation at the University of South Florida, January 27, 2020.

Dr. Currall also dispelled some myths about the process such as the innovation process is driven by the lone genius. Rather, it takes collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach to create an environment that fosters and supports the entire workflow from conception to translation into the marketplace.

Dr. Currall became the seventh president of the University of South Florida on July 1, 2019. He also is a tenured professor at USF. He joins USF from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where he served as provost and vice president for academic affairs between 2016 and 2019. Dr. Currall has conducted research and taught for three decades on organizational psychology topics such as organized innovation, emerging technologies, negotiation and corporate governance. 

Patent attorneys Anton Hopen, Andriy Lytvyn and Nicholas Pfeifer attended as representatives of Smith & Hopen. It was also a pleasure to see our friends and colleagues, Paul and Cyndy Sanberg, Judy Lowry, Sudeep Sarkar, Vicki Chachere, Michael Bloom, Allison Madden, Seb and Isabella Dewhurst, Michele Tyrpak, and Steve Medina.

Anton Hopen

U.S. Patent Attorney with smithhopen.com.