When it comes to growth, the Tampa Bay region leads in patent grants and continues to dominate the charts with an influx of people and businesses arriving in the area every day. Not only is the Tampa Bay region thriving, but the entire State of Florida is booming as well. Last year, the State of Florida had a total of 3,505 patents granted to residents within the State. Of those 3,505, an impressive 523 (15%) of those patents were assigned to owners within the greater Tampa Bay region.

Total Patents Granted

During the last three years, Tampa Bay and Florida have seen a substantial increase in the number of patents assigned in the region. Most recently, between 2018 and 2019, the number of patents has increased by 35% in Tampa Bay, while Florida as a whole increased 21% during the same period.

Double Digit Percentage Growth in Tampa Bay and Florida Between 2018 and 2019

In 2019, the City of Tampa led the way with a total of 291 patents—up 11% from 2018 and 29% from 2017. Not only did the City of Tampa have the highest number of granted patents, but the City also was at the top of the charts with 2.6 patents granted per square mile.

Despite their size having over 100,000 residents each, the next two major cities in the region, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, accounted for just 117 patents overall—or less than half of the total granted to assignees within the City of Tampa. Other notable cities making the list having double-digit patent grants included Largo located in the middle of Pinellas County with 29 patents and Oldsmar situated in the North-East corner of Pinellas County with 11 patents. Additionally, seven of the top nine cities in the Tampa Bay region for patent grants were located within Pinellas County.

City201720182019GrowthSq. milesPer sq/mile
St. Pete53547539%61.741.2
Palm Harbor95980%17.380.5
Pinellas Park56833%15.510.5
Chart Showing the Top 9 Cities Based on the Number of Patents Granted in 2019

Tampa Bay’s lead in patent grants is even more evident when the region’s growth is compared overall to the United States. Year after year, Florida and the Tampa Bay region have far outpaced the United States in percentage growth. Most notably, between 2017 and 2019, the number of grants in the United States grew 15%, while the Tampa Bay region grew 2.3x faster, growing 35% over the same time period.  

As the decade begins, the State of Florida is well-ahead of the national average, with 35 percent patent growth from 2017 versus 15 percent for the United States as a whole. Tampa has already received 248 patented granted in January 2020 alone. It would appear Tampa’s lead in patent grants in safe for now.


Data was extracted from the USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database. The queries were run for the city where the assignee was located over an entire year. For example, to pull all issued 2019 patents for assignees within the City of Tampa, the following query was executed AC/Tampa and AS/FL and ISD/$/$/2019. Population data was extracted from the United States Census Bureau based on the most recent 2010 census data.