At Smith & Hopen, we understand the need to secure a federal trademark registration as soon as possible. We strive to conduct a complimentary knockout search* and file your trademark application within 1 business day.** While other firms pledge to respond within 5 days, we find this delay unacceptable.

Nationwide priority rights are established when you file your trademark application. Thus, it is critical that you file an application as soon as possible. Every day that you wait is an opportunity for a like-minded individual to beat you to the Trademark Office. For that reason, we ensure that our clients won’t be beaten due to delays on our end. Contact us today or book an appointment online to file your trademark application.

*If the complimentary knockout search reveals existing trademark applications and/or registrations that might bar the registration of your trademark, we will advise you on how to proceed. Some circumstances may necessitate a delay in filing your trademark application.

**Inquiries received on the weekend will be handled on Monday. We will due our best to handle Friday inquiries on the same day, but the matter will certainly be handled on Monday.

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