The first step to protecting your brand is to know whether you are entitled to its use and registration. We have cleared and registered thousands of federal trademarks. While no ethical attorney can guarantee a result or outcome, our experienced trademark attorneys know how to search trademarks and analyze the results to give you the best possible value in legal services.

Proposed Trademark Information

Trademarks may include "word marks" (just letters), "design marks" (logos) or a combination of both.
For what business activity or product will the trademark be associated with? (e.g., "clothing for pets" | "financial planning" | "electrical contractor services"

Trademark Owner Information

Federal trademarks should be owned by a legal entity (e.g., Inc. or LLC). These usually can be formed in a day if needed.
The address of the owner that will claim ownership of the trademark.

Payment Options

For most domestic activities, a U.S. search is sufficient and will give a reasonably high likelihood of registration (or alternatively of refusal to register).
$ 0.00
Smith & Hopen represents hundreds of clients in various industries. In the event there is a conflict of interest we will keep your information confidential but may be required by the Bar to decline representation. If we cannot represent you, any fee paid will be returned to you.
The cost paid herein is for a trademark search. A federal trademark application typically runs between $955 and $1,600 depending on the type of filing, the strategy and any resistance encountered from the U.S. trademark examining attorney and/or third parties that may oppose an otherwise approved trademark application. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about fees at 813-925-8505.
I understand that no ethical trademark attorney can absolutely guarantee a proposed brand is available (or completely unavailable) for registration. Smith & Hopen will conduct a detailed trademark search using the primary spelling in addition to phonetic equivalents, wildcards, transliterations and other techniques that substantially mirror the examining process of a U.S. trademark examining attorney at the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Results will typically articulate in some percentage the likelihood of successful registration and/or articulate with specificity the issues that may arise in the application process. If I am not completely satisfied with the results of the trademark search, I will notify Smith & Hopen within 3 days of receipt and receive a refund the search fee paid herein.