Status identifiers are used in patent prosecution. Amendments to a claim must be made by rewriting the entire claim with all changes (e.g., additions and deletions) as indicated in this subsection, except when the claim is being canceled. Each amendment document that includes a change to an existing claim, cancellation of an existing claim or addition of a new claim, must include a complete listing of all claims ever presented, including the text of all pending and withdrawn claims, in the application.

The claim listing, including the text of the claims, in the amendment document will serve to replace all prior versions of the claims, in the application. In the claim listing, the status of every claim must be indicated after its claim number by using one of the following identifiers in a parenthetical expression:

  • (Original),
  • (Currently amended),
  • (Canceled),
  • (Withdrawn),
  • (Previously presented),
  • (New), and
  • (Not entered).

See 37 CFR 1.121 Manner of making amendments in application.