A claim chart includes a re-writing of an independent claim so that each element of the claim is separated from the other elements for analysis purposes. If an individual claim element is found in an accused device, a “Yes” is placed next to that element.

If the individual claim element is not found in the accused device, a “No” is placed next to that element. A single “No” can defeat a charge of infringement. That is why an independent claim must contain only the essential elements of an invention.

Infringement Claim Chart for Patent

Bucket with handle subject to patent claim chart analysis in the table below.
The accused article (a bucket with a handle)
Claim LimitationPresent in Accused Device?
(Claim 1) A bucket for holding fluid, the bucket comprising: 
a bucketYes
a handle from which said bucket depends; andYes
a cushioning means attached to said handle.Yes
A claim chart is essential to an infringement analysis for patent litigation.