During prosecution of a patent application, amendments to the drawings, specification, and claims may be made provided they do not add any new matter and have not been “restricted” from the current application as claiming more than one distinct invention. Claim amendments must follow a prescribed format:

1-5. (cancelled)
6. (withdrawn) (Claim must still appear)
7. (previously presented): A bucket having a handle.
8. (currently amended): The bucket of claim 
67, further comprising:
said bucket having an imperforate bottom wall of predetermined geometrical configuration,
a sidewall mounted about a periphery of said imperforate bottom wall and projecting upwardly therefrom, defining a cavity therebetween for holding a liquid fluid therewithin.
9. (withdrawn)
10. (original): A bucket having an arcuate handle.
11. (cancelled)

12. (previously presented): A bucket having a radially outwardly extending lip formed in a rim of said bucket.
13. (new): A bucket having cylindrical sidewalls and an imperforate bottom wall.

14. (new) A bucket having a wooden handle and a cushion wrapped around said wooden handle.
(The only acceptable classifications are: original, currently amended, previously presented (which means previously amended), withdrawn, withdrawn and currently amended, and cancelled).