Book a consultation right now and get your intellectual property answers fast. Schedule a telephone or in-office consultation right now. Initial telephone consultations are free. In-office appointments are $225 but we either: (1) apply the $225 to future work; or (2) refund the $225 if there is some reason we cannot provide you valuable service (e.g., conflict of interest with an existing client).

Please let us know the general topic(s).
Office consultation fee of $225 is refundable if we do not proceed with representation.
We are available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

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Building a Relationship

We are privileged to work in an area of law that rewards innovation and success. However, intellectual property matters are complicated and can be intimidating for first-time clients that book a consultation. We are careful with the clients we represent because our goal is a long-term relationship. The more success we can bring to a client the better off we are together. No other area of law affords the same type of relationship and we are honored to play a part in our clients’ financial and scientific achievements.