Ronald Smith and Anton Hopen founded Smith & Hopen more than twenty years ago right here in the Tampa Bay area. Over the last two decades, Smith & Hopen has cemented its position as the most prolific intellectual property law firm in Tampa, helping thousands of businesses protect their patent and trademark rights. Needless to say, our attorneys and staff are proud Tampanians. We take great pride in the explosive growth and prosperity Tampa achieved over the last few years. Tampa is not only one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., it is also Florida’s top tech market. This Sunday, all eyes will be on the Tampa Bay. Our city is hosting the Super Bowl and our Buccaneers are playing in it. We have already made history as the first Super Bowl host city to also play in the Big Game on the home field. Now, it’s time to make history as the first city to win the NFL championship on the home turf. Let’s go Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Let’s keep the Lombardi Trophy right here in Tampa!

The Lombardi Trophy displayed in Tampa