Since COVID-19 had thrown a wrench into 2020, people around the world welcomed the beginning of 2021 last night. Even in socially distant groups and gatherings, New Years Eve celebrations charged on despite COVID-19. Below are some New Years Eve patents that may have helped you and your family welcome in the New Year (2021).

Synchronized Confetti Sprayer and Descending Illuminated Ball

This unique New Years Eve patent helps celebrate the ringing in of a brand-new year in a fun and entertaining way. The celebratory device includes a ball that descends on a vertical post. Upon reaching the bottom of the vertical post the invention emits a series of auditory or visual signals. Such signals include a confetti blower that shoots confetti out of nozzles and a visual date display.

New Years Eve Patents

Mobile Celebration Device

For a more portable way to celebrate the new year, the next invention includes a transportable base having a variety of different facades. Like the patent above, the mobile celebration device includes a moveable object that translates up and down a pole. The ‘989 patent provides visual stimulations to help make any New Years Eve party a hit no matter where you are!

Novelty Associated With Beverages

Lastly, no New Years celebration would be complete without popping your favorite beverage. This next patent will help you make opening a bottle just a little bit more entertaining. Specifically, a stopper containing a novelty is inserted into a bottle. Upon opening the bottle, the novelty item, such as confetti is released. On special occasions, such as New Years Eve, the confetti spells “Happy New Year.”

New Years Eve Patent


As we begin a new year, take a moment to reflect on the innovations that helped you through the past year. From the mask we wear, the vaccines we receive, to the entertainment during your own New Years celebration, innovation is all around us. However, no matter how big or small your idea is, there is almost certainly a way to protect it. Set a new goal this new year. Invest in your intellectual property and protect your innovations for many more New Years to come.