Pfizer is one of several pharmaceutical companies that have developed a vaccine for COVID-19. However, Pfizer’s mission to stay in the limelight begun much earlier. Back in April of 2020, Pfizer filed a trademark application on its SCIENCE WILL WIN marketing campaign. In launching its campaign, Pfizer sought protection on SCIENCE WILL WIN to stand out from the competition.

However, with its vaccine now beginning to be administered to patients around the world, Pfizer launched its newest campaign. Specifically, this past Friday, Pfizer filed a trademark application for SCIENCE WILL MAKE THE BREAKTHROUGH. As a continuation of its SCIENCE WILL WIN campaign, Pfizer’s newest trademark application seeks to protect the marketing of its successful vaccine.

Pfizer’s Trademark Application for “SCIENCE WILL MAKE THE BREAKTHROUGH”

Why Trademark A Slogan?

With all eyes of Pfizer, one of the leading vaccine candidates, Pfizer was smart to trademark its marketing slogan. Slogans, such as Pfizer’s SCIENCE WILL MAKE THE BREAKTHROUGH mark, can play a major role in a company’s identity. By trademarking its slogan, Pfizer helps to protect its identity and prevent competitors from riding the coattails of its success. If the applications are ultimately registered, Pfizer will solidify its marketing strength and prevent competitors from using confusingly similar slogans to market their own vaccines.


Overall, building a strong marketing campaign from the beginning helps to ensure a company’s dominance in the market. In Pfizer’s case, it sought trademark protection early and often, helping to ensure the success and exclusivity of its COVID vaccine marketing campaign. With the race between vaccine manufacturers turning to consumer confidence, having a strong, dominant, and exclusive marketing campaign will be critical to mass inoculation and acceptance of Pfizer’s vaccine.

Can I trademark a slogan before using it?

Yes. You can file a trademark application in the USA as long as you have a bonafide intent to use the mark in commerce. However, you must show use of the slogan in commerce before any application will officially register as a trademark.

What is a slogan?

A slogan is a phrase, such as a catchphrase, used for advertising or marketing goods and/or services. See TMEP 1213.05(b)(i).