On Sunday, 10/11/2020, the Lakers won the NBA finals and LeBron James won the MVP award. Congratulations to the Lakers and LeBron! Because we are an intellectual property firm, we can’t just write a blog about the 2020 NBA Finals. So, we looked into LeBron James’s trademark portfolio.

LeBron has a trademark holding company named LBJ Trademarks, LLC. Through this company, LeBron has filed 61 different trademark applications. Many of his trademark applications are related to his I Promise school and his charitable endeavors. Of course, there is also the infamous attempt to trademark TACO TUESDAY, which failed for obvious reasons.

Currently, LeBron has 25 pending applications. He has 16 different applications register and 23 applications/registrations are now dead. He also has 13 currently registered trademarks.

If we exclude those application still pending, LeBron’s trademark registration performance (percentage of applications that resulted in registered trademarks) is 44%. That’s below his career field goal percentage of 50.4%. While this may seem like a successful trademark career, we would argue it’s not as impressive as it seems. For example, Smith & Hopen, is shooting 73% from the trademark field.  

However, a trademark registration success rate is highly dependent on the actions of legal counsel and how much vetting occurred prior to filing the applications. As a general manner, trademark applicants should at least conduct an initial cursory search to see if there are any prior users or any applications that could bar the registration of the applicant’s trademark. I bet LeBron’s trademark registration performance could be improved with a little extra searching and active counseling by his attorney. However, I doubt the 2020 Finals MVP is concerned about his trademark applications. Hopefully, LeBron successfully registers his remaining pending applications to further build his trademark portfolio.

Congratulations again to the King and the Lakers!