At Smith & Hopen, we take enforcement of patent and trademark rights personally. However, we understand that traditional litigation is cost-prohibitive for many businesses and IP rights holders. Furthermore, effectively enforcing U.S. patents and trademarks against foreign companies that flood American markets with infringing products can be next to impossible. Therefore, we applaud Amazon for its aggressive stance against IP infringement. We stand with Amazon in its fight to effectively apply the established U.S. IP law to irradiate patent and trademark infringement on Amazon marketplace. For this reason, we launched a new initiative dedicated entirely to Amazon IP law.

Enforcing U.S. trademark and patent rights on Amazon

In recent years, Amazon has taken unprecedented steps to combat patent and trademark infringement. Specifically, Amazon launched the following programs to give the American IP right holders the tools they need to identify and permanently shut down trademark and patent infringers: Amazon Brand Registry, Amazon Project Zero, and Amazon Neutral Patent Evaluation. Our website provides extensive resources and battle-proven strategies on effectively enforcing your IP rights using these programs. (If you are interested in reading more, here is a link to our recent Amazon IP Law articles). Now, our website also has a dedicated section devoted entirely to Amazon IP law.

Amazon IP law emerges as its own branch

At Smith & Hopen, we pride ourselves for being on the cutting edge of the IP law. For example, when the Congress enacted the America Invents Act (AIA), we became the first patent law firm to fully defend a U.S. patent in a Covered Business Method (CBM) review, cemented our legacy (you can read more here). Furthermore, our attorneys and staff are always up-to-date on the USPTO’s newest pilot programs and strategies for making patent and trademark prosecution and enforcement more efficient and cost-effective.

Thus, when Amazon pioneered ground-breaking IP programs, Smith & Hopen recognized them as a new frontier of IP law. Amazon IP programs provide an effective alternative to the traditional court systems, and our attorneys are committed to being the experts in this field. If your business needs an Amazon IP law expert, Smith & Hopen is here to help.