Yes, you must renew your trademark registration by certain deadlines based on your registration date. The first renewal occurs between the 5th and 6th year after registration. The second renewal occurs between the 9th and 10th year after registration. Subsequent renewals will occur every 10 years after that for as long as you continue using the trademark.

Trademarks are renewed to show the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that you are continuing to use your mark in commerce. With each renewal, you will need to submit a specimen showing your continued use. In addition, if your trademark registration is up for a renewal for an array of goods or services, you must provide a specimen for every good or service listed in the trademark recitation. However, you may also file a declaration of excusable nonuse if the lack of use meets certain criteria.

If you fail to renew your trademark registration, your registration will go abandoned. There is an additional 6-month grace period if you need more time, but it requires an additional government fee.

If you continue to renew your trademark registration, it can last indefinitely, assuming your mark does not become genericized. In fact, the oldest trademark registration in the United States dates back to 1884. Because the owner has continued using its mark in commerce and continued renewing its registration, its registration is over 135 years old. Maybe your registration can last longer.