There are many benefits of a US Trademark Registration. That being said, a limited set of trademark rights is granted to a seller when the particular mark is used in commerce in connection with the goods and/or services associated with the trademark. Accordingly, such trademark rights are “common law” trademark rights. These rights are extremely narrow in scope—both in what they protect and how far those rights extend.

However, a federally registered trademark provides the following advantages:

  • Nationwide rights to use the mark;
  • The right to bring a lawsuit in federal court;
  • The ability to use the (R) registration symbol next to your mark;
  • The exclusive right to use the trademark in connection with the goods and/or services listed on the registration;
  • The registration serves as evidence of the validity and ownership of the mark;
  • Foreign priority rights;
  • The registration serves as evidence of continued use since the date you filed your application;
  • The registration serves as constructive notice of your trademark rights; and
  • The ability to register the trademark with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol to block the importation of goods with the registered trademark on them.

There are several additional benefits of a US trademark registration, such as brand legitimacy and the ability to participate in Amazon’s Brand Registry Program. The federal registration also helps to deter competitors and can prevent others from registering confusingly similar marks.