Amazon is by far the largest online marketplace for consumer products in America. Millions of people use Amazon daily to purchase anything from baby products to high-tech home automation devices. From a merchant standpoint, Amazon provides an unrivaled opportunity to reach millions of target consumers ready to make a purchase. However, without a solid, well-formulated branding strategy, Amazon marketplace can quickly become a treacherous jungle. Inevitably, as soon as a new product gains traction and starts generating demand, knock-offs will pop up to cannibalize that success. Previously, shutting down these parasitic knock-offs has been a complex and frustrating process akin to wack-a-mole, riddled with layers of Amazon bureaucracy. But this was the past. Amazon’s new Project Zero is the future. Sounds intriguing? Read on.

Gain the Power to INSTANTLY Take Down Knockoffs

Amazon Project Zero empowers Amazon merchants to instantly and unilaterally take down infringing listings, without having to report them to Amazon. This move is unprecedented. In fact, Amazon Project Zero is a true a game-changer for Amazon entrepreneurs.

Project Zero gives Amazon companies great power, and with great power comes great responsibility. For this reason, Project Zero is currently a super-exclusive private membership club limited to the most reputable and trustworthy brands. If your company is selling products on Amazon, gaining membership to Project Zero should be your top business objective. Although accomplishing this objective is not an easy task, it is well worth the effort.

Amazon Project Zero Membership Requirements

Amazon grants Project Zero membership only to those who effectively protect and enforce their trademark rights. The first prerequisite is that your brand must be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry. The enrollment process is straightforward, but, it does require your company to have a federally registered trademark.

The second prerequisite is also within your power: your company must report infringing listings to Amazon. Again, the process is simple and beneficial to your company. After enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry, you should immediately notify Amazon of every infringing listing. Upon receiving the notice, Amazon will conduct an independent investigation. If Amazon determines that the accused listing infringes your trademark, Amazon will take it down.

Finally, upon establishing a solid track record over a six-month period of accurately reporting infringing listings, your company will be eligible to apply for Amazon Project Zero membership. Amazon grants these coveted memberships on a case-by-case basis. Upon joining this elite club, you will have the power to instantly take down any infringing listings. Amazon calls this tool the “self-service counterfeit removal.” To retain your membership in Project Zero, you must exercise due diligence to ensure that you shut down only infringing listings. If you misuse the self-service counterfeit removal tool to take down a legitimate, non-infringing competitor, Amazon will revoke your membership in Project Zero.

Amazon is Serious About Enforcing IP

Amazon Project Zero is trailblazing a new way to combat trademark infringement. In addition, Amazon implemented an effective method for enforcing patent rights trough a process called Amazon Neutral Patent Evaluation. Together, these tools give owners of IP rights unprecedented and powerful control over their brands and products. In conclusion, Amazon provides powerful tools for protecting and enforcing your patent and trademark rights. If you are not utilizing these tools, you are doing business a huge disservice.