The students at Bottom University are committed to staying on campus this Fall despite the pandemic continuing to disrupt everyday life. At the center of this transition back to campus life is a group of students in Boston University’s communication major. These students launched an all-out campaign aimed at changing the way their fellow students think COVID-19. In particular, the F*ck It Won’t Cut It campaign focuses on changing student behaviors and perceptions. In particular, when it comes to critical social distancing practices and important health guidelines.

Approved by Boston University, the Trustees of the University filed an intent-to-use trademark application for F*ck It Won’t Cut It with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The application was filed in the advertising and business class of services. Specifically, for “[p]romoting public awareness of safe and smart actions and behaviors for college and university students in a COVID-19 environment.”

The Campaign Itself

The organization’s website states that the group “got together and created a no BS campaign. By speaking in our own language, we believed we could motivate each other to follow the rules. Because in the COVID-19 world: F*ck It Won’t Cut It.”

F*ck It Won't Cut It logo from campaign website
F*ck It Won’t Cut It campaign slogan created by the students at Boston University

Since the campaign launched just a few short days ago, the student group has started to expand into various social media platforms rapidly. In particular, the group’s Instagram® page has grown to over 2,000 followers. As the campaign continues to grow, it will be interesting to see if the group’s momentum continues to gain traction. With the support of the University and the Boston community behind them, Boston University aims to set a national example. Their example helps ensure a smooth and safe transition back to college in the age of COVID-19. Hopefully, the end of the pandemic is near. But until then, remember in the age of COVID-19, F*ck It Won’t Cut It.