There is a philosophical thought in business that you must continue to innovate or risk being left behind. Converse, Inc. understands this principle. In fact, it has one of the most iconic shoe designs ever created. Converse started making shoes in 1908. Converse’s original design turned out to be its most iconic. The design has stood the test of time.

Converse has produced shoes for professional basketball players, including Chuck Taylor and Wilt Chamberlain; the 1936 Olympic basketball team; and for soldiers during WWII. Furthermore, the iconic original design has remained a staple in Converse’s lineup and is arguably the best-selling shoe in history. Yet, Converse continues to innovate rather than risk being left behind. Converse’s most recent innovation is below in the form of a patented shoe design:

Converse Shoe Design
U.S. Patent D891,072 Fig. 1

As shown above, Converse has taken the standard shoelace and positioned it around the upper opening to create a unique aesthetic design. As a result, Converse was able to obtain a design patent to protect its novel nonobvious aesthetic design.

While Converse could have continued profiting off of its iconic original design, it has instead continued innovating. Converse reminds us all to continue to innovate or risk being left behind. Who knows, this may be the next iconic Converse design.