A recently published patent application US 16/690,451 suggests that Ford developed voice activated autonomous parking. According to the patent application, the vehicle can autonomously park itself in response to a voice command. Ford explains that “in some scenarios, vehicles need to be parked into and removed from narrow parking spaces (or the parking space becomes narrow after the vehicle is parked) in which there is not enough room to open a door of the vehicle. In such scenarios, the driver cannot exit the vehicle after it parks or enter the vehicle to leave the parking space.” See ¶ [0002].

Tesla vehicles already have a “summons” feature that address Ford’s enumerated problem. Tesla, however, doesn’t operate via voice commands. Ford’s feature may be more of a cool party trick than a necessity. However, consumers will likely enjoy Ford’s voice activated autonomous parking feature more than a button activated parking assist. People seem to love their voice activated IoT devices. Seemingly, they would enjoy a voice activated vehicle.

Regardless of whether Ford receives any patent rights, Ford is obviously attempting to innovate in autonomous driving. Autonomous driving is clearly the future. With more automotive manufacturers working on autonomous driving, the future is closer than ever. The future might even include Ford’s developed voice activated autonomous parking.