We have some exciting news to talk about – an antibody that apparently neutralizes COVID-19.  We talked about vaccines, but we have a new therapeutic that was just been announced yesterday from the Netherlands.  It is a monoclonal antibody…you’re going to want to hear the term 47D11. 

Relation to 2002 SARS Virus

This monoclonal antibody actually neutralizes the COVID-19 virus.  It’s not new.  It relates to the SARS outbreak back in 2002 that had a lethality of around 10% but not the same transmissibility.  The thing that’s interesting about this is that SARS and COVID-19 share about 78% of the same amino acid sequence of this outer protein coat that you see in these spikes that are around the virus.  These spikes are targeted by the monoclonal antibody so 47D11 actually can latch on and find these viruses.  The reason it’s been developed so quickly is because it is in the same subgenus as SARS 2002 so there’s been all this time to develop this monoclonal antibody.  It just happens to work against COVID-19 as well.

Multiple Uses

So if you can neutralize COVID-19 with this antibody you’re going to do a lot of great things: (1) is you going to be able to treat the infected; (2) you’re going to be able to test for the antigens of COVID-19 which means people who are asymptomatic will be able to check and see if this monoclonal antibody reacts and if they do then you know that they have the virus; and the 3rd thing is you could give this preemptively to people who are at risk, like the elderly, so that they would already have these monoclonal antibodies to fight off a COVID-19 infection. So, this is very exciting news just announced from research in the Netherlands.  We are going to be watching this closely. Hope you have a great night.  Thank you.

Anton Hopen

U.S. Patent Attorney with smithhopen.com.