TRANSCRIPT: Good morning my name is Anton Hopen with Smith and Hopen. In this is the 60-second Friday Update we have some phenomenal news this morning. Oxford University, at the Jenner Institute on virology led by Professor Sarah Gilbert has announced this week that they believe it’s very highly likely they have a successful vaccine for COVID-19.  They believe they may have a million or more doses available by this September. 

The testing that they’ve done is to take COVID-19 genetic material and insert that into a common cold virus. That virus has been neutralized prevent  the transmission between humans. They tested this vaccine already in 25+ Rhesus monkeys. They then expose them to high levels of COVID-19. Not a single one of the animals were infected with COVID-19 they’ve already applied this and started human clinical trials right now 550 humans have been injected with the experimental vaccine 550 have been considered the placebo and injected with the meningitis vaccine so those results should be expected fairly soon but Professor Gilbert has previously stated she believes there’s a greater than 80% chance that this is going to be successful and she’s a high confidence level.  Obviously this is a wonderful development we are keeping them closely monitored and in our thoughts and prayers from everyone is Smith and Hopen have a great weekend.