It’s official! Tom Brady is the newest quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! After signing a 2 year $50 million deal, Brady will stay #12 as wide receiver Chris Godwin graciously agreed to give the number to him and take another number. As predicted in a previous post, Brady has taken steps to expand his brand.


While Brady already had an extensive trademark portfolio, his company TEB Capital Management filed applications for word and logo trademarks for TB12™ for personal trainer services; health club services; consulting services in the field of sports performance; physical fitness assessment services; education and training services in the field of sports performance, namely, individualized training courses in the areas of personal training, sports nutrition, physical therapy, resistance training, soft tissue therapy, movement training, flexibility training, cognitive skills, biomechanics, injury rehabilitation and reconditioning; health assessment services; physical therapy; acupuncture services; and counseling services in the fields of health, nutrition and lifestyle wellness. These marks claim a use date back to 2013 so they are likely in relation to his two TB12 Performance Center locations in the Boston area. Since those centers are flourishing, perhaps Brady will open a third center here in Tampa Bay.


TEB Capital Management also filed intent to use marks on April 6, 2020 for TOMPA BAY and TAMPA BRADY for clothing, headwear, and footwear. Acknowledging the filing on Twitter, Brady stated on April 10, 2020, in reference to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Breeze: “I never understood why Drew wasn’t making Drew Orleans shirts…”.  

Bad puns aside, a few roadblocks may hamper getting the TOMPA BAY mark registered. First, sports broadcaster Dan Patrick is already selling a line of “Tompa Bay” t-shirts on his website. Second, an individual in Arizona filed intent to use applications for TOMPA BAY and several variations such as TOMPA BAY FLORIDA, TOMPA BAY BUCCANEERS and TOMPA BAY BEACH CLUB for athletic apparel on March 18, 2020. Third, a different individual in St. Petersburg, Florida also filed an intent to use application for TOMPA BAY for hats and shirts on March 31, 2020. Brady has options at his disposal for registering the marks. However, fan reaction to the marks is mixed. While some fans think the pun is a good play on words, others feel that it is way too corny to be paraded around on a shirt.

Brady has proven himself to be a savvy businessman and has built quite a brand outside of football. I look forward to seeing how he further expands his brand. As for TOMPA BAY, stay tuned for how the battle of the bad puns plays out…

Michele Lawson

Michele Lawson is a U.S. Registered Patent Attorney.