While the official announcement has yet to be made, all indications are that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Reportedly the Bucs made Brady a $30 million a year offer he couldn’t refuse. Bucs fans are ecstatic about the news. The odds of the Bucs winning the Super Bowl in 2021, which will be played in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, were 66:1 earlier this week. After news broke that Brady will likely be joining the Bucs, those odds became 20:1. If the Bucs win the Super Bowl in their home stadium, they will make history as the first team to ever do so. Brady is not only one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time, he is also a pretty savvy businessman.

The Brady Brand

Brady has built quite a brand for himself around his athleticism through offering nutrition, health and fitness advice, services and products. Brady built two TB12 Performance Center locations in the Boston area. He also touts his specific TB12 method and products to help people achieve peak performance. His company, TEB Capital Management, currently holds 22 registered trademarks for TB12®. The trademarks cover both the word TB12 as well as its associated logo. The TB12® trademarks are registered for numerous goods across a wide range of industries. The trademark registrations include clothing; bed sheets; sleepwear; entertainment and educational services including training seminars; foam exercise rollers; nutrition advice, services and products; computer software to provide information on exercise, fitness, nutrition, wellness and supplementation; online retail store services; and non-medicated creams and lotions.

Expansion of the Brand

The Brady business train does not seem to be slowing down and in fact, the brand is expanding. In addition to being a stellar athlete, Brady is also an author with the New York times Bestseller entitled The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance. His company recently received an allowance for both the word and design marks for TB12 for books.  

One thing for sure, the addition of Brady to the Bucs roster will be a big win for the Tampa Bay region. The addition of Brady will likely elevate the Bucs own brand and who knows, maybe the Bucs can give Brady some new ideas on further expansion of his brand as well. Stay tuned folks…

Michele Lawson

Michele Lawson is a U.S. Registered Patent Attorney.