One of the first questions we ask our clients is “what is your exit strategy?” Prior to doing any legal work, we always take time to understand the motivation, inspiration, and business and personal goals behind every invention. Each inventor, company, and invention is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for building a meaningful intellectual property portfolio. If your attorney is not seeing the whole view, his or her legal advice is likely not aligned with your vision of success.

Smith & Hopen represents a wide array of diverse clients including publicly traded companies, international corporations, preeminent research universities, non-profit charity organizations, small businesses, and individual inventors. We tailor our legal advice to each client focusing on that client’s goals and business model. In many cases, the primary objective is to build patent and trademark portfolios that give our clients commercial advantage over their competitors. In other cases, we focus on aggressively diversifying and expanding IP assets to make our clients’ companies attractive targets for lucrative acquisitions. For some inventions, the key is to secure patents that enable our clients to receive government grants or obtain private funding. In every case, we always tailor our IP strategy to our clients’ needs and goals.

The takeaway here is simple: make sure that your IP attorney is a trusted partner who sees the whole view. As our founding and managing partner Anton Hopen often says: “nothing is more expensive then hiring a cheap attorney.”