Protecting your brand on Amazon could be one of the most important things you do as a brand owner. As many Amazon seller know, it can be difficult to protect your brand from counterfeiters on Amazon and other E-commerce sites. Amazon, however, has established the Brand Registry to help reputable business owners protect their brands on Amazon. According to Amazon, enrollment in Amazon’s Brand Registry comes with greater abilities to control content related to your brand and allows you to “proactively remove suspected infringing or inaccurate content.”

Amazon further claims that:

Over 95% of notices of infringement submitted by rights owners are investigated and actioned within 24 hours.

Enrolled brands report an average of 99% fewer suspected infringements than before the launch of Brand Registry.

Based on testimonials from major brands, Amazon’s Brand Registry is an absolute must. So, what is required to enroll? To enroll, you will need the following:

  1. An active registered trademark for your brand;
  2. Verification that you are the trademark owner or the authorized agent for the trademark; and
  3. An Amazon account.

Creating an Amazon account is easy and fast. That’s a non-issue. But, do you have a trademark registration? If you don’t, you need one. Unfortunately, securing a trademark registration is not fast and can be difficult for a layman. That is why you should get started as soon as possible and contact an experienced trademark attorney to ensure that the process is hassle free and as quick as possible.