With the holidays fast approaching, we were curious to see what sort of holiday-inspired tech has been patented. We came across U.S. Patent No. 5,523,741 which discloses a Santa Claus detector. In one variation, the detector is inconspicuously disguised as a standard Christmas stocking. Thus, a user can hang the device from a fireplace—Santa’s preferred access point. However, this is no ordinary Christmas stocking. Instead, a pull ring extends from the toe end, which when pulled, activates an external light source indicating that Santa has been detected. To ensure that Santa actuates the pull ring, the pull ring is secured to a trip wire in the form of a cheerful ribbon. The ribbon traverses across the fireplace opening ensuring that Santa’s passage will pull the ribbon and in turn the pull ring to trigger the illumination of the light source.

One embodiment of the patented invention even includes an auditory indicator. However, the indicator will likely frighten Santa after he is toppled by the seasonal trip wire. If your child wants further evidence of Santa’s arrival, beyond the abundance of presents under the tree, you can always consider purchasing this Santa Claus detector. Alternatively, you can simply make your own because the patent on this joyful invention has expired. 

We advise caution, though. Tripping and/or frightening Santa on his arrival into your home may put you and your children on his naughty list. So, we ask you, is it worth it? Also in the abundance of caution we must clarify that we are not providing any advice, legal or otherwise, and will not be liable for any sudden registrations on Santa’s naughty list. Any attempts at detecting Santa are conducted at your own risk. We wish you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays!